About Us:

Hedgehog Lacers is an organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the lacemaking arts. We are based in Orange County, California, and are affiliated with the International Organization of Lace, Inc. as a charter chapter. Members have interests in a variety of lacemaking techniques, including bobbin lace, tatting, knitted lace, crocheted lace, and needle lace.

One of our most important goals is to increase the visibility of lacemaking to the general public. Our members volunteer many hours demonstrating their art at county fairs and other community events in and around Orange County.

Our monthly meetings are held on the fourth Saturday and typically include a lace-related program or activity. Recent subjects have included making roller pillows, bobbin-beading, and bookmark-making. There's also plenty of socializing and lacemaking. We also organize an annual educational event.

We teach beginning tatting and bobbin lace. If you are interested in learning either of these forms of lace, you are welcome to attend one of our meetings or contact us at info@hedgehoglacers.org.

Membership is open to anyone interested in lacemaking; if you don't already know how, we'll gladly teach you!